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We Want To Create Clearer Communication Between Dogs and Owners.

Scott Williams

Jessica Williams

Our History

Scott and Jess are both lifelong dog lovers. Their passion is helping owners better relate to their dogs. Together they have worked with over 2,000 dogs in the New England area. Transferring their hands on expertise to an online platform allows them to reach families with dogs on a more national level.

Scott began his dog training business almost 20 years ago in California and has been training dogs in New England since 2009. Jess toured with multiple canine production companies after receiving her Bachelor of Science from the University of Michigan and ultimately chose a career as a dog trainer.

Both Scott and Jess have been competitive with their own dogs in agility, disc, obedience, detection, and protection sports. They live with high drive dogs that each individually complete them as a couple. Scott and Jess are partners in life and business. They deeply believe dogs thrive through structure and confidence. Their ultimate goal is to help your dog become the family member you always knew he could be.

Our Team

Chrissy Cunningham

Australian native, Chrissy Cunningham is a Podcast producer, working out of Studio 21 Podcast Café in Salem NH. She is a singer, entertainer and animal training enthusiast. An avid animal lover Chrissy and The Quirky Dog Podcast were a match made in heaven. Chrissy grew up in Melbourne Australia where her love of animals saw her spending most of her time on farms, working with and training horses. Chrissy loves singing, entertaining and spreading good vibes everywhere she goes. She is based out of Salem NH and performs in multiple groups around the New England Area. She has recently started a new group called Rhythmic Overhaul (A Duo with her brother Samy B) and also is in an all-female Trio called the Bellas that do themed music shows (Currently The Jingle Bellas’ – Christmas Show) and she also sings with the Adagio Big Band.

Cami Bird

Cami Bird is a marketing strategist with nearly a decade of experience in digital marketing. She specializes in developing sustainable, long-term marketing strategies for physical products, coaching options, and SaaS solutions. In addition to her marketing expertise, Cami is also an automation specialist always looking for ways to streamline workflows and reduce hands-on work. While the customer may not always be right, she believes that they should be heard and their concerns addressed. When she’s not working, you can find her hiking or playing fetch with her Corgi, Trixie. Trixie is one of Jess and Scott’s clients and Cami not only built our website for The Quirky Dog but she is our IT expert for all things dog training on the web!

Sharoline Galva

With over 10 years of experience, Sharoline Galva is a skilled Graphic and Web designer known for her ability to turn ideas into visually stunning creations that exceed expectations. Holding a degree in Communications for Print and a minor in Visual Performing Arts with a focus on music, she brings both education and experience to her craft. As a freelance designer and with previous companies, Sharoline has built a reputation for her work and following. She approaches challenges with a logical and methodical mindset and a calm and caring demeanor. In her free time, she enjoys meditating, hiking, and adventuring with her two dogs, Charlie and Sage, who are also clients of Scott and Jess. She also built the Canine Healing website as well as created the Canine Mindshift logo.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Canine Healing offers online consults and courses that provide support to people who need help managing and controlling their dogs. We want your dog to become a well-balanced family member and strive for people to be able to help themselves through helping their dog.

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Who is Canine Healing designed for?

Whether you have already completed extensive training with your dog or done nothing to date, Canine Healing can benefit both you and your dog. Our programs are much less about dog training with commands and focus more on the relationship aspects of owning a dog.

How is a consult different than the courses offered?

The courses address specific topics. Consults will be more general, depending on where you and your dog are struggling. We are able to give you more individualized attention during a consult as well as direct you to courses that may be beneficial for you and your dog moving forward into the future.

Do you offer refunds?

All of our courses are fully refundable up to 10 days from their start date. Once you have access to the material if for some reason do not find that there is enough added value for you and your dog within the course, we will happily refund your money with no questions asked within that 10 day time frame.

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