First and foremost, we would like to thank all of our listeners and viewers for your support. We began our podcast August of 2019. We podcasted from home during the height of the pandemic, and we are proud to say we are 100 episodes in so far. We are grateful to all the awesome guests who have agreed to come on. We are so appreciative of Studio 21 Podcast Cafe, especially our producer Chrissy Cunningham. And last but not least, to the podcast hero himself, David Garafalo, we value your support, your friendship, and your cigars!

If you haven’t seen The Quirky Dog yet, you can find us on various platforms including Apple, Spotify, TuneIn, Podbean, YouTube, and the Canine Healing Facebook page. Every episode, we open with The Quirky Tip of the Day. Listed below are all 100 tips with links if you are interested in researching any items in greater depth. Enjoy.

  1. WATER BUCKETS: If your dog knocks over his water bucket in his crate, consider trying Kennel-Gear buckets.
  2. HAPPY HOODIES: Dogs who dislike the dryer after a bath, may benefit from this product.
  3. SWEET POTATO: For dogs who need to gain weight, try adding sweet potato to their meals for some extra carbohydrates.
  4. PUPPIES & WATER: With a new puppy, regulate the water rather than provide free access to help with the potty training.
  5. DRAG LINE: Use a drag line (an old leash cut about 3 feet long) to curb unwanted or crazy behavior at home.
  6. KONG STUFFING: Filling a Kong with yogurt and freezing it is a great way to give a probiotic.
  7. CBD: If you’ve used CBD products before without little results, consider researching CBD oil that includes THC.
  8. MUSHER’S SECRET: This paw wax is definitely a good choice if you’re trying to protect your dog’s paws in winter.
  9. COLLOIDAL SILVER: The benefits of using this are far reaching in dogs, and our favorite brand is Sovereign Silver.
  10. SAFE PAW: When salting in the winter, Safe Paw not only cuts through ice but also is “safer” for your dog’s paws.
  11. RUFF LAND KENNELS: Dog safety while in a vehicle is one of our top concerns, and these crates are our top choice.
  12. COLLARS & NUMBERS: When traveling, consider embroidered collars with your dog’s name and your number on them.
  13. TOYS ON CHRISTMAS: Be careful the dogs don’t ingest any small parts while assembling kids’ toys Christmas morning.
  14. GOALS: With New Year’s resolutions or general goals with your dog, don’t just think about them, write them down!
  15. RESCUE: If you want a rescue, make sure you can meet that dog in person rather than just falling in love with a photo.
  16. PLASTIC PINCH COLLAR: Many people who choose to train with pinch collars don’t realize these Starmark collars exist.
  17. ESSENTIAL OIL: Lots of us love to use diffusers, try Canine Calm as an essential oil option next time; it’s our favorite!
  18. PRIMO PADS: For a durable cushion that is custom sized to fit your dog’s crate, check out this website.
  19. STARMARK BALL: Our dogs most desirable toy to chase is this rubber ball.
  20. DOG INFLUENCERS: With almost 50K Instagram followers, check out @havok_thegreat who was our guest this episode.
  21. SUBSCRIBE: If you listen to our podcast on Apple or Bad Dog Agility’s podcast on Apple, please SUBSCRIBE.
  22. ANCHOR BAG: The value we find in these bags for tethering, management, and the bed exercise is immeasurable.
  23. LIMITING BELIEF: Consider a limiting belief you may have about yourself and how you could potentially overcome it.
  24. SENSORPUSH: This is the ultimate product when it comes to high temperatures and your dog’s safety.
  25. WASH YOUR HANDS: The pandemic had recently arrived to the US, but continue to wash your hands and hearts.
  26. OMAR VON MULLER: Scott’s friend Omar trains dogs for movies; check out how you can work with him here.
  27. KURANDA: After a decade, this brand continues to be our favorite when it comes to raised dog beds.
  28. RETRACTABLE LEASHES: Do not use a retractable leash to walk your dogs; they are dangerous for all parties.
  29. TICK PREVENTION: Prevention is easier on our dogs and wallets than treatment when it comes to tick-borne diseases.
  30. NEST CAM: Formerly Dropcam, this is our choice in camera to monitor our dogs while away from home.
  31. HAPPY HOWIE’S: One of the highest value treats you can use in training is Happy Howie’s meat rolls.
  32. TAB: When transitioning to having your dog off leash, consider using approximately a foot long leash tab.
  33. BIOTHANE COLLARS: If you take your dog swimming with a collar on, a biothane collar won’t retain moisture.
  34. POTTY PROBLEMS: For dogs who don’t easily poop, consider the Q-tip technique; you can YouTube on your own.
  35. DOG MUSIC: It has been found that classical and reggae stations have the most calming effects on dogs.
  36. SHAPED BY DOG: Susan Garrett was just launching her own podcast, Shaped By Dog; check it out!
  37. SPOUSES TALKING HOUSES: For a podcast all about real estate, check out these guys who also filmed at Studio 21.
  38. BIOTHANE LEASHES: Many people these days prefer biothane to leather when it comes to their leashes.
  39. JOAN RANQUET: Written by one of the best animal communicators around, check out Energy Healing for Animals.
  40. MA POLICE DOGS: Support the use of police dogs for the sake of the working dog as well as your community’s safety.
  41. NO SPILL BOWL: To keep your dog’s water from spilling over in the crate, check out this product.
  42. PET INSURANCE: If you don’t have it, consider it because procedures like obstruction surgeries are expensive.
  43. HAPPY 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY: Our pig was inspired by my godson, watch as he joins us as a special guest to squeak!
  44. SALT WATER: If you live near the ocean, be sure to note that salt water can be dangerous for dogs; bring fresh water.
  45. AMERICA NINJA WARRIOR: Special guest and ANW competitor Roo Yori gives back through Wallace The Pit Bull.
  46. HUNTING SEASON: When hiking with your dog during hunting season, make sure he or she wears an orange vest.
  47. CRATING: If you own a crate, consider crating your dog an hour a day while you’re home for more structure.
  48. KENNEL CONNECTION: For kennel owners, Kennel Connection is a great software to use at your facility.
  49. NAIL CLIPPERS: When trimming your dogs nails at home, make sure you use the scissor style clippers.
  50. TEDDY ROOSEVELT: On our White House episode, we learn President Roosevelt owned many other species besides dogs.
  51. THE QUIRKY DOG: For more info on our podcast as well as our paid and free online class offerings, click here.
  52. APPAREL: If you want to spread The Quirky Dog love by sporting our logo, check out our online store.
  53. STAY CALM: Even during uncertainty, remain calm by walking with your dog, having a cigar, etc.
  54. EMBRACE: If you do choose to insure your pets, check out Embrace who was our guest this episode.
  55. OLDE ENGLISH BULLDOGGE: This breed is 1/2 English Bulldog, Bull Masiff, APBT, and American Bulldog.
  56. THANKSGIVING TURKEY: Sara Carson joined us around Thanksgiving; spoil your dogs with turkey (no bone).
  57. CAREFUL WHEN PLAYING: Take your own safety into account as well as your dog’s safety when playing.
  58. HEALTH & WELLNESS ANIMAL HOSPITAL: We invite our personal vet on; if you’re local, join her at her practice.
  59. PAW WAVE: Check out the best dog massage tool on the market; they make the ultimate Christmas gift.
  60. DOGS AS GIFTS: For parents who buy their child a dog for Christmas, please realize it will be your dog regardless.
  61. PETRA FORD’S DOG RESOURCE CENTER: If you live in New Jersey, check out her facility for all your canine needs.
  62. HOW TO BE HAPPY: On your next movie night, check out this movie by Roko Belic, The Happy Movie.
  63. JAMES ALTUCHER: Tune into his series Choose Yourself: The James Altucher Story for some feel good fun.
  64. INSTAGRAM: Follow @thequirkydogpodcast on Instagram to stay up to date with our episode guide.
  65. ANAL GLANDS: Make sure your dog’s anal glands are routinely expressed by yourself, your vet, or your groomer.
  66. FARM HOUNDS: The go-to chews in our house hands down are Farm Hounds hides; they’re the best on the market.
  67. NINJA BLING: For biothane collars with stamped printing, check out this company through Facebook.
  68. TREADMILL: If you own a treadmill and don’t currently use it yourself, consider getting your dog acclimated to it.
  69. VESTIBULAR DISEASE: Especially if you own an old dog, if you haven’t heard of this condition, research it.
  70. MAJOR BITING: Regardless of where you stand politically, it is important dogs are neutral and not reactive.
  71. MCCANN DOG TRAINING: Kayl and Ken McCann have a super informative YouTube channel; check them out.
  72. PREGNANCY TIP: When expecting a baby, call a dog trainer when you would start sharing your news publicly.
  73. DOGGY DAYCARE: Check out The Barking Lot of WNY for an awesome daycare if you are in western New York.
  74. GLACIER PEAK HOLISTICS: This company’s Peak Immune is our new favorite immunity supplement for our dogs.
  75. DOG AGILITY: As we interview with Puerto Rico Agility Team leader, consider looking into an agility class for your dog.
  76. GARMIN BARKLIMITER DELUXE: If you choose to use a bark collar, this model would be our only recommendation.
  77. EASTERN VETS: In addition to your western vet, look into eastern vets in your area also for your dog’s optimal care.
  78. FOLLOW LEASH LAWS: As our Animal Control officer guest tells you directly, leash up your dogs on a 6 foot leash.
  79. FRANKIE JORIS: We talk service dogs on this episode, but Frankie has a wide array of online offerings; visit her here.
  80. KATIE’S BUCKLES: Metal prong collar links can be difficult to maneuver, but this company has a solution for you.
  81. DOCK DIVING: Many of us own dogs who adore swimming, and if your dog happens to love to swim, try dock diving.
  82. DR. KAREN BECKER’S PESTICIDE CLEANSE: You can learn about her flea and tick support and other gems here.
  83. BOSTON DOG LAWYERS: In a world where dogs are becoming more popular, we now even have lawyers for dogs.
  84. TEST DAYS AT BOARDING FACILITIES: Do your research before you leave your dog at a boarding facility or kennel.
  85. WAG GROOMING SALON & SPA: If you happen to live near Salem, NH, check out this spot for top quality work.
  86. WONDERCIDE: When the bees become an issue in our yard, we spray Peppermint Wondercide to safely repel them.
  87. HOT SPOTS: Thoroughly dry your dog’s neck after swimming to prevent hot spots from moisture being trapped.
  88. VETERICYN PLUS: This magic spray comes in handy for various skin and wound issues in our house.
  89. MUZZLES: Even if your dog is friendly, condition him or her to a muzzle for the experience; this is an exercise in CM.
  90. CLONING: Our interview with ViaGen Pets really opened our eyes to the pros and cons of the cloning process.
  91. PAVEMENT TEMPERATURE: When running with your dog in the warmer months, check the road temps for their paws.
  92. GIARDIA: If you need to run a fecal for your dog because loose stool, make sure to specify you want giardia included.
  93. PRACTICING COME: When working on recalls, don’t call your dog to you from a sit stay; implement restrained recalls.
  94. LIGHTING FOR STAIRS: For a dogs who uses stairs, consider closet or cabinet lighting strips to help them in the dark.
  95. LIMA: The acronym LIMA in the dog world stands for Least Instrusive, Minimally Aversive.
  96. SEACOAST BARK: For those who reside between Kittery, ME and Newburyport, MA, check out this dog magazine.
  97. 911 DOG TRAINING: Listeners and viewers near Los Angeles, CA, look up Adrian Centeno for dog training help.
  98. PUPPY COLLARS: Put a collar on a puppy or new dog early on to condition him or her to wearing a collar in public.
  99. CAPPA’S KENNEL: If you live near Kingston, NH, look into this kennel for boarding your dogs and/or daycare.
  100. SKETCHY ANNIE: For amazing and affordable cartoon sketches of your pet, check out @SketchyAnnie on IG.

Here’s to the next 100… Keep It Quirky!

Scott & Jess